Monday, February 20, 2006


OK, this is going to sound crazy, but I automatically go into spin cycle whenever anyone asks me what I'm up to -- force of habit. Soooo, today, I met with a potential financial backer for several projects (film-related and otherwise). Great meeting, arranged through a close friend at a small intimate restaurant. The backer is a gatekeeper -- meaning someone who has access to the person who has the money, in fact, to several somebodies who have the money. We had a great time, laughing, joking about vacations we've had, films we love, food we've eaten, in short, the kind of love fest you hope to have when a lot of money is potentially at stake (don't you love how smoke and sky-pie feels like reality when you work in the entertainment industry?). As we circle around to the real (as-yet-unspoken) reason for our meeting, the backer asks me (quite legitimately), what I'm up to.

Backer: So, what kinds of work are you doing?
Me: I have a film going into production any day now.

Pause tape.

Technically, this is true. I do have a movie going into production any day now, if I can get the money together, thus my reason for having dinner with the backer. Oh, yeah, and if my writer turns in his draft on time. Ahem. OK, it's not really a lie, is it? And am I wrong for saying this?

I grew up in a very strict household with clear lines about what is true and what isn't true. In the sense of a James-Frey-truthiness of the truth I'm telling the emotional story about my project's status, the hoped-for outcome of my dinner with the Backer. Back to tape.

Backer: Hmm, what does that mean?
Me: (laughing) That means I'm hoping you'll write me a check so my writer can eat for a few months.

And the jaws snap shut. Hee hee hee! I'm paraphrasing here to protect the innocent, but basically, I think I may have just found the yellow brick road. Fingers are crossed, second meetings are being set, and a series of introductions (to the check-writers) is in the offing. I'm not about to pop any bottles, but the rain clouds are gathering so I'm just going to keep pounding my feet until I feel the pitter patter of water on my face. And now back to our regularly scheduled post....


writergurl said...

You go girl! Sounds like they've taken the bait, now all you goota do is reel them in! My Daddy taught me to tug a little when they've taken the bait, it sets the hook deeper. Wonder what a "tug" in this instance might be?

The Film Diva said...

Well, I called my writer up and regaled him of stories about our soon-to-be production credits -- so if he turns in his new outline by Thursday I'll all (my) backer and set the scene a little, maybe light a few candles, and then call a few talent agents to see who is sitting around in August-October and wants to do an indie.... Fingers are crossed, but now I'm going to work on something else so I don't get too crazy waiting for the ducks to line up. Financiers are soooo fickle.