Saturday, July 01, 2006

Agent Submissions

Previously, we talked about what you should submit to an agent. The next bit in this series will be about how to submit that material, and to whom said material should be submitted. I'm torn about whether or not I should actually list agents since I don't want to endorse or trash any agents or agencies in particular. If what I write feels too non-specific (otherwise known as vague), blow up the comment box with complaints and I may relent (or send you to Complications Ensue where that nice Alex Epstein can name names).

OK, these posts may take a little bit for me to write up, so bear with me. I've got to make some phone calls and see what people are looking for, so I can give good dish.

In other news, I'm done with the indie project (for now, I promised to address any last minute notes they come up with tomorrow morning since they start shooting in four days), and now I'm back at work on my own stuff. My director on the producing project gave excellent feedback on the short that I hope to direct in the next few months. I was a little scared to give it to him to read, since that can sometimes become an awkward thing that ruins a good development relationship (especially if he had, like, hated it or something), but it turned out to be something that he really enjoyed reading, totally "got" and he gave me two very precise character notes that I loved and immediately implemented. Thank God I got over myself and gave him the script. I try to check out as many blogs from my regular readers as possible, but please feel free to share your good, bad or uglies in the comment box. I like getting the mail! :-)


wcdixon said...

Glad to hear you've emerged from the 'heat' this week...welcome back.

Jutratest said...

I am going through an agent related thing right now, so any info you can give would be greatly apreciated.