Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Biggest Mistake

So, last week, workmen came to my little rental cottage to do some work on the floor in the living room. There were four days of chairs stacked in the kitchen, books all over the floor in the bedroom and the dog acting like a weirdo because he couldn't get access to his favorite spot on my bed. After they finished (new carpets look great), I took advantage of their burly muscles to rearrange this big-ass teak dining room table I have so that it faces my big-ass tv.... The biggest mistake I've made this year. I've written almost nothing since Friday. I've been watching Kathy Griffin's show, Project Runway, Best Ranger 2006 (those guys are HOT), and other things not fit for polite company.

I think it's actually made me dumber. I even watched SAHARA. Groan.

Anywho, I'm off to Starbucks right now (I didn't make it yesterday because of the boob tube). I did manage to squeeze out eight pages very late, after watching HEX, and THE THING. Geesh, I may have to drag this table back to where it was before....


wcdixon said...'s all 'research'...(at least that's what I tell myself)

Bianca said...

I was reading an article about the casting of Lady in the Water that said M. Night Shymalan considered Kevin Costner for the lead when Paul Giamatti was hedging. This got me thinking about the politics of casting a studio film. How does it work? Does the studio offer a role to one actor at a time or cast a wide net? If you want say, Jude Law, but Jude's being non-committal when do you offer it to, say, Hugh Jackman? Would Hugh want the part knowing the filmmakers wanted Jude initially? Etc.

Scribe LA said...

If you want to put up links to your 'greatest hits' all you have to do is copy the format of the links you already have (and can change whenever you want) - ie. "google news".
1. login to blogger.
2. go to template.
3. scroll down to where you see the links already put in place to show you how it's down (closer to the bottom of the page).
4. copy and paste the links.
5. replace the links with the actual links you want.
6. did that make any sense?