Friday, July 21, 2006

Feedback Requested

I've really enjoyed blogging here over the last few months (you guys are great company!). As you may know, I usually plan out the posts for at least a month in advance to save me having to think (aka procrastinate in front of Project Runway...) when I'm swamped. I was going to try winging it, but find the last few posts unsatifying for me to write, so I can't imagine they are that interesting to read.

Before I return to my regularly scheduled broadcast (I wanted to do a mini-series about managers and then delve into the studio casting process), to ask for feedback about the blog. There are tons of bloggers out there who cover writing, I've come across a lot of readers who are blogging, no working/DGA directors so far, and a few other exec types (we'll see how long they last since they are still working, presumably, they are probably also under pretty strict NDA's....). I want to make sure my blog stays relevant, not redundant, and entertaining.

Anywho, thanks for reading, commenting and sharing with me and one another. I appreciate it. I also appreciate folks who linked to my posts (I'm obsessed with my Technorati rating which is sick, sick, sick.). I try to link to folks, or at least give their internet "handle" when I can because I like this little circle of filmmakers building up around me. So, next time you blog...PICK ME PICK ME!! Toss me a link. Pretty pretty please?

It's hot out here in LA, so I'm headed to my hairdresser (naturally) to get about 3 feet of hair cut off my head so I don't die in the sun. It's tough staying so sexy when I'm all red-cheeked and sweating like a hog. Let me tell ya. ;-)


wcdixon said...

how come I always go first...

I think your blog is very relevant and informative...but might be a little over the head of a lot of film/tv newbies. And thats only an opinion from one who's been through grind and who knows what you are talking about - but also know when I was starting out, all the talk of agents, contracts, wheeling & dealing, financing, etc. was soooo hard to grasp. Or better yet, I didn't want to grasp it.

And this isn't to say you are writing over everyone's head...not at all - but whether its sticking or being fully grasped, who knows.
And it's so difficult to get a read on one's readers as it were.

That all said - I'd be curious to know some of the links you have to other execs/agents type blogs who are working inside the big machine.

I'd also be interested in more sites with info like this budget/breakdown...

And finally, is there a way for you to diary this small independent movie you are producing in more detail without pissing anyone off or giving away the farm. Not that you aren't doing a bit of that already, just looking for more.

For what its worth...

odocoileus said...

I studied film, TV, and theatre at a big midwestern uni. Also worked in local TV - camera operator, producer, etc. Came out to LA, worked a couple of years as a PA/AD.

16+ hour plus days weren't conducive to writing, and the work prospects for AD's weren't as good as I'd hoped they'd be.

I took a day job w/ one of So Cal's biggest public agencies. Decent pay and bennies, 3 days off a week, time to write, and (when I get it all together)to make short films.

My writing has progressed, so I don't regret the change, but I find that I'm way out of the loop these days.

Concur w/ wcdixon that your blog offers great info. It may be true that you have to have a certain amount of experience to appreciated it.

I'm particularly interested in the details about putting together small crews for shorts, and info on crews and budgets for indies.

bianca said...

I pretty much agree with Will. Links to the other execs/agent blogs would be nice. A diary of the independent film you're producing would be cool. I hope you don't change the content level of your blog entries. There are a plethora of websites that are aimed at newbies. It's AWESOME to have place that talks more in depth about the business end of things. The aspect of filmmaking that creatives don't want to learn about but have to understand to make their creative hopes come true.

Chris said...


as an aspiring screenwriter now in town four months, i've taken the most away from your behind the scenes insights. although i had a general sense of how the business worked, it's been immensely helpful getting an insider's perspective.

Sal said...

I only found your blog recently, but I worked my way through the archives and found them fascinating. The insights you give are great, and I'm speaking as a writer who is beginning to get into being a producer (in a very small way).

I'd also be interested in a diary of the indie - I intend doing a diary of our short once we get going, and am already noting our (slow) progress on my blog.

Mercurie said...

To be honest, I don't think I'd change anything on your blog. I find it relevant and very interesting myself.