Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This is only a test. I can't really access blogger from the place I'm toiling my days away writing (probably a good thing since I've noticed my page count is up when my posting is down. Hmm...), so I found a way to send emails that theoretically post themselves.... We'll see.

Anyway, good things going on, nothing too lucrative, but I'm talking to a great line producer about doing boards and budgets for my producing project. He's done a number of films at this budget level, in my main location (NYC) and in this gritty street-drama genre, so I know he can get good deals. He's a fan of my director and was really impressed with the short film we screened last month. Fingers-crossed. I'm also out to a couple of casting directors. I allowed several months for this stuff to happen because Hollywood has its own timeline, and sure enough I'm now on the outer edge of what I thought it would take to get the preliminaries completed.

I feel like I've sort of exhausted myself on the agent posts, but if anyone feels like they have unanswered questions feel free to comment. I may do a little bit about managers if I have the strength.

In the meantime, I'm 15 pages away from the end of the first draft on my feature and I already have a thousand ideas for how to rewrite the thing. I'm trying (hard) to follow my own advice and just write pages, but it's sooooo tempting to go back and fix things. Bad Diva! Bad!!


wcdixon said...

She surfaces...and the test worked. Glad to hear things are 'progressing'...

Jutratest said...

I have a question!

If I am in the hip pocket of an agent, is it rude of me to contact producers myself?

I'm sure it is ok, because I still have to be my own huslter.

What if I have a deal pending that said producer has negotiated, but the final draft has been stuck in limbo forever? Can I contact producer and nudge things along myself? I guess all I'm asking is, is that rude?

wcdixon said...

"I don't trust Bush to conjugate a damn verb properly."

...some people, eh? Well, a spirited debate ensued...hopefully no one got hurt...tomorrows another day...speaking of which, here's hoping you are able to escape the heat of the apartment.

I remember those stinkin hot days...though I was out in Agoura Hills so it generally cooled off in the evenings. Ah, LA...