Monday, July 24, 2006


For those of you trapped in Hel-LA with me you know it's gotten surface-of-the-sun hot out here. At this point, anyone who doubts we are in a period of Global Warming is nuttier than G-Dub. That said, I bowed to the corporate conspiracy and installed an a/c to save my little pooch from certain death since I can't drag him on all my little errands and meetings, or into Starbucks with me, and wouldn't ever ever ever leave him SURVIVOR-style to suffer through the heat. Now with these rolling blackouts in effect and knowing that my a/c will just shut down, I'm thinking of installing a doggy pool in the kitchen....

For those of you with pets, I found this article with suggestions on how to keep your dog from dying. From the folks in Phoenix:

Pets can also can get heat stroke in the summer. The signs of heatstroke
1. Heavy panting, rapid heartbeat and glazed eyes.
2. Dark or bright red tongue and gums
3. Excessive thirst
4. Staggering or dizziness
5. Vomiting and bloody diarrhea

What to do:
1. Lower body temperature by applying ice packs or cold towels to the head,
neck and chest.
2. Immerse in cool but not cold water, since very cold water constricts the
blood vessels and slows cooling.
3. Give your pet small amounts of cool water or have it lick ice
4. Take your pet to the veterinarian even if the animal seems better.
Internal organs can be affected by heatstroke.


Chris said...

looks like i picked the wrong summer to move to LA.

The Film Diva said...

Did you ever! I've been thinking of moving back to NorCal and getting a job at Albertson's...preferrably in the refrigerated section!

writergurl said...

We are roasting here in the Southeast as well. ALL the house here have a/c... except the new one that I've been working on.

My dog (Sophie) usually goes to work with me, not this time. Of course she doesn't get it. Even when Iexplain nicely that it's too hot outside for fur wearing girls like her.

wcdixon said...

Is everything cool, Diva? I mean I know its hot, but in general.
Just wondering...