Monday, April 03, 2006

Old Phonebooks

As a warm-up to a feature film I'm producing (hopefully) later this year, I agreed to produce a short film for a friend of mine. He wrote and will direct it and is putting in his own money and I'm providing the blood, sweat and tears. We've got enough loot to be comfortable that we'll get the thing made, but there definitely won't be a lot of money left over. I'm anticipating that the two of us will be asking for a lot of favors over the next few weeks. Our actor just got cast in a TV series, so we have to rush into prep over the next couple of weeks which means I need a crew TODAY. Since I've been slumming with the "suits" for the last few years, my production contacts are rusty. Luckily, last night while I was searching through a storage unit I keep chock full of old papers I came across a few phonebooks and some production crew sheets from films I made a few years ago. Yippee!! And my mom wanted me to "economize" and get rid of my storage unit!! Ha!

OK, I'm not really advocating that you keep every piece of paper your hot little hand comes across, but maybe invest in a scanner and save a few of them.... And definitely always save the phone books.

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