Thursday, September 07, 2006

How Not to Keep a Job

Hey you guys, I'm bearing down on my read-thru, tightening up the script, casting the actors (really just passing the script out to friends and saying "Gotcha!"), and putting together logistical details like maps and ice chests. Posting will be exceptionally light for the next week as I try not to fall out from stress.

Anecdotally, I spoke with a friend of mine who had to fire her director today. She is shooting a short film and he wasn't stepping up to the plate. The director provides leadership through the production phase of shooting. Not bringing story boards, not actively pursuing your crew (especially the department heads), running late for meetings -- all of this is rock star behaviour which typically doesn't mesh well with low budget/no budget indie films and it sucks for everybody who is working their fingers to the bone.

And completely randomly: there are now officially 4-digit hits per month! I'm almost done with the two projects I'm writing (TV spec pilot and a feature spec) and when I'm done I'm going to finish the re-do on the template. I want to put up some blog links to those of you who frequent the blog, so please let me know if you want me to link you up!


Scribe LA said...

Hey Diva,
Thanks for the updates and words from the trenches. If you're giving out links, please include moi. I enjoy your blog and read it regularly.

wcdixon said...

Count me in...(you had to ask?)

portnoy said...

cool site. i have known less than half a handful of female execs/ directors /etc whom i truly admire for their perseverance in this crazy business. but when i think about it I gotta say that there's about the same count in the male category!



ps - i thought you might ask: Martha Cooledge. Julianne Jordan. Karen Murphy

mark said...

Count me in, please!

The Film Diva said...

Mark, where's your blog/site??