Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Belated Anniversary!

Last week marked my one year anniversary blogging. Thank you to everyone who visits on a regular basis, and to everyone who posts comments (it's better than getting snail mail!).

I've really enjoyed this experience and hope to find more and better topics to post about in the upcoming year.

I'm off to Europe and San Francisco for the next few weeks, trying to clear my head so I can finish some things up in time for TV season. If I can master the whole Internet cafe thing, I'll post about what I'm up to.

TV shows I'm following:

HEROES -- Against my will I enjoyed this week's show. My resistance is entirely related to the plot hinging on the cheerleader, when there are other, much more intriguing story lines. And what's up with the short chick's mutation being the power of persuasion? I mean, honestly, I get it's some kind of mind control, but the way it was played out, she just seemed really really convincing (like Bill Clinton with a pixie cut). Let's hope the Hottie Brothers get it together soon.

BSG -- Loved last week's show, but it felt like it was missing a subplot, and I'm not sure I believe Adama would believe he was personally responsible for provoking the Cylons. Anyway, hope they give Tahmoh some screen time in this week's boxing episode. :-)

Grey's -- I'm still watching, but not as avidly as last season. I guess I'm hoping they start taking the medicine seriously again. I always enjoyed the personal drama, but felt like it was made more realistic by the grounding in the medicine. Tough balance, but I'm hanging in there hoping the show finds it again.

Ugly Betty -- Needs to get funny again. Telenovelas always have a melodramatic story point in the middle of the season, but I feel like the strength of this show really is in the fish-out-of-water comedy of Betty in the magazine world, now that they seemed determined to make her the Magic Chicana who sees things clearly and can solve any problem, I'm getting nervous.

Dexter -- Who did not already guess that the sister's boyfriend was the Ice Truck Killer??? The show is still very good, and I love that they took his character to the next level, and hope that the flashbacks into his life reveal some good shit. Can't wait for the rest of the episodes.

DAYBREAK -- So, I dug last week's show. Was really excited about Taye Diggs, happy he found something that will position him with a different audience (males 18-25, as opposed to the over-25 females his last show targeted), and am looking forward to tonight's epi. This will really determine for me if the show's premise has enough room to allow for a full season (let alone multiple seasons).

THE UNIT -- I watch this show every week even though the dialogue is sometimes uneven (I imagine that's what happens when Shawn Ryan and David Mamet pass scripts back and forth).

I'm taping everything while I travel and when I return, plan to throw up the blackout curtains and burn my retinas out catching up.

What are you guys watching?


Chopped Nuts said...

I'm watching season three of Veronica Mars, but it doesn't seem to be holding up as well this year. My guess as to why is that in the previous two seasons you always felt a threat dircted at Veronica herself - to stay safe she had to solve the case. This year she wasn't really threatened until the last episode. Still, they just had more episodes ordered, and they have the talent to make a great show, so here's hopin'.

Supernatural is kind of bleh too. The borthers keep yelling at each other, episode after episode, about how they've been changed by their father's death, but they're just acting the same as they always do.

Chopped Nuts said...

Oh, and Happy Anniversary! :)

wcdixon said...

Dexter, Daybreak, Heroes, Studio 60, House, The Office...

That's my list right now - all I can do to keep up with them.

Happy one year - and enjoy your travels.

Anonymous said...

Have a real coffee in Europe for me.

Salesdiva said...

Heros, Battlestar Gallactica, NCIS, CSI - where ever, Lost to name a few.
Happy Anniversary.

bianca said...

I'm kind of into Friday Night Lights. Realistic dialogue and really good acting. But It doesn't seem like people are watching.

RC said...

congrats on a year!

doesn't in some ways it feel like you've been blogging longer?

sometimes I feel that way.

The Film Diva said...

Finally arrived in England! I'll try to post tomorrow, but this dang European keyboard is killing me! Also, the supermarket here doesn't play any music and people are real real quiet in there. Felt like DAWN OF THE DEAD or something. Or maybe that's the sleep deprivation talking. :-)

wcdixon said...

Just make sure it isn't 28 DAYS LATER