Friday, May 04, 2007


Right now, in TV rooms all over Hollywood, network executives are watching pilots and deciding the fate of next year's schedule. I'm weasling my way into as many of those living rooms as I can. I have a pretty good line on seeing some of the basic cable shows this weekend, so if I see anything good I'll let you all know.

I met with a director friend of mine this week. He shot a pilot for LOGO which they didn't pick up, so he was bummed, but he's got a crack new agent who promises to help him put together the financing for his indie film, so at least there's some glimmer of hope there. We talked about a few of these festival deadlines that are coming up. I hope all of you out there submitted to Sundance. It's a great workshop environment, you do come out of it a stronger writer, and that's one of the few festivals that mean something in town. The Nicholl Fellowship also closed on May 1, and that one actually pays money. So, the next two up are Disney Fellowship (usually the end of June, but they haven't posted their 2007 application yet), Film Independent's workshop (due today, but they have a late fee you can pay and turn in your script 5/28/07) and Warner Brothers writing workshop, which technically costs money, but is such a good hook-up it's worth it, and the CBS Diversity Fellowship, which is invaluable for people who do not have any industry experience.

I'm off to take my Grip/Electric guys out to drinks. The gaffer and a production associate are joining me and another producer at this little bar in Hollywood.

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Just noticed that you might not have found the new Disney site. They changed its location and left up the old site for some reason. here's the new one:
Hope that helps.