Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The WGA website has a great, lengthy article on the agent-manager thing. I recommend it for anyone trying to wrap their brains around the byzantine layers of representation in Hollywood. It's at least as good as the one I wrote way back when *snark*, but not as entertaining as John Rogers'.

Sorry I've been out of pocket. I took on a freelance gig and have to finish up the rewrite in the next week. I have a couple of posts I've been dawdling over that I hope to get out this week. One is about film commissions (and a belated h/t to Jim Henshaw for this information he gave me which I do not know how to post... maybe I'll ask Unk if he can host some pages for me?), and the other is about post-production since I'm due to see the second cut of the short film at some point this week. I'm really keen on empowering as many people to make their own films as possible -- that's the keystone of my evil plan -- so, I hope you all are being productive!


"El Nino" said...

Thank you for referencing the WGA article... it was well done. While you are checking out Film Commissions, etc... I thought that it would be helpful for you to check out a new, very robust Website regarding Film Commissions. I just built it and it is, by far, the most robust, informatve gathering of film commission information on the Web.

FilmCommissions.com (of FilmCommissions.org)

I hope that you find it as helpful as I intend it to be.

Good luck with everything.

Aleco Bravo

"El Nino" said...

TYPO>>>>>> the The Film Commission Website
is FilmCommissioners.com (or FilmCommissions.org)

NOT FilmCommissions.com.

The Film Diva said...

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out.