Monday, March 27, 2006

Movies, movies, movies

Watching MILLION DOLLAR BABY right now, and I'm thinking to myself -- why can't more big budget action/adventure films have interesting dramas at their heart? It's sad really. When you watch a film like THE TERMINATOR, as cheesy as the music and effects look now, at the center of the story is a love story. It's not as developed as the one in THE NOTEBOOK, but it's far more developed than the one I just saw in V FOR VENDETTA this weekend. It's a hard balance, some filmmakers actually count out the number of scenes devoted to each storyline (the A plot and the B romance subplot), Hitchcock is a great one to study for that, others rely on intuitive or arcane story theories (I heard from a friend that the folks at Bruckheimer have a 17-beat outline, if anyone has it email it to me, 'kay?). Anyway, my 2 cents for the day. Back to the grindstone.


Reel Fanatic said...

I enjoyed V for Vendetta quite a bit, but I can get what you're saying ... For a great action/story combo, go way back to John Huston's Key Largo .. it just doesn't get any better

alexandra said...

I believe V for Vendetta (love story, or lack thereof, aside) is about social commentary, on what is currently happening in the UK, with a view to what might be, at least that's my and, my niece's, take on it.

I think they basically took the Gunpowder Plot and undated it to get a point across. But then, I am an ex-pat Brit in exile in Canada. Just my 2 cents worth.