Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coming Around the Mountain...

A very short post. I haven't abandoned the blog just had to reprioritize my writing to get more work on the book finished. I've been working loosely with a manager-friend the last few months, but mostly focused on getting a spec finished and hammering out the end the novel. It's slow going right now, but between my travels, moving, packing and hawking my (writing) wares I'm beat. I'm working up a post about creating competing agendas for one's characters. Something that goes a bit beyond talking about antagonists and protagonists.

In my own work, I tend to like anti-heroes and a lot of times I write characters who could be considered "evil", but that I like to think of as misunderstood. :-) Might be autobiographical issues at work here. LOL. Anyway, I'm doing what I can and hope to get the blog back up and running as soon as I'm settled and not living out of a suitcase.

Happy writing!


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