Monday, September 24, 2012

My, my, my... How Time Flies

The reason I started this blog now seven (wow, seven) years ago was to share my experience. I do think there are a number of well-written and nicely focused blogs that deal with the craft and mechanics of writing, pitching, developing and selling to Hollywood, from a writer's perspective. For my own writing, I've never been able to incorporate the craft tips into my process, but I'm probably tainted by my years on the other side of the desk, troubleshooting the drafts that result from them... and, really, that's a terrible habit to bring into the drafting process which sort of, by necessity, requires one to suspend one's own belief in order to get the words on the page.

I continue to write, pitch and consult which makes maintaining this blog a bit of a sticky wicket for me--I think this is part of the emotional pushback I've felt whenever I sit down to write a post. Hmmm....

So, I say all this to say.... Even though I love this blog, I've neglected it. I don't know how it fits in with the work I actually do, the information I think is vital for people to have in order to manage expectations and set goals (which is really sort of the heart of what's here, not to stoke the flames of delusion, or be a springboard for cynicism, or, even, to discourage or encourage people from choosing indie versus industry: those are personal decisions) and, frankly, the business is in a dark dark place for creative people. Like the rest of America, the Hollywood economy has become no place for the middle class. Abject materialism meeting zero credit means anyone not able to bring cash to the table is in a mini-bubble maintained by one's own hot air. For new writers, it means you will always be two pay checks behind the amount of spec work you've put in, at best. At. Best. For actors, directors and everyone else trying to crack into the agency or executive suite... Gladiator games would be kinder.

For some, this will be discouraging. I know for me it just makes me double down. 


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