Monday, June 19, 2006


I just read this LAT article about why Hollywood is so White (since when did Jewish people become White, anyway? I hate to make the "I went to gym with a black guy" argument here, but all of my Jewish friends identify as such and insist they are not White). Anyway, my head almost exploded when I read this nonsense below.

What the studio executives won't say, at least on the record, is that
it isn't easy to attract minority talent to the studio system. This is in
part because studios are an incredibly insular world, but also because
minorities don't necessarily see the job of studio employee as such an enviable goal
in an era where the real action is in new technology, hip-hop and other more entrepreneurial, ownership-oriented arenas.Much of the creative energy today is on the outside of corporate systems, not the inside. "John isn't going to put on a suit and go to the office," says Shmuger, adding with a laugh, "He knows he has a better job than me."

This speaks more to Shmuger's (and the reporter's) idea of what a "black" executive would be like than it does to the issue at hand. There are literally thousands of college-educated, professional degree holding (MFA, MBA, JD, PhD-types) minorities (read: non-White) folks who want to work in the industry as executives, agents, managers and attorneys. The reason so few succeed is a cultural divide that is fueled by the segregated lives these ignorant fools live. I can't even get into this much more or I will call up Patrick and Marc and scream on their dumb asses. I feel compelled to share this ridiculous white-washing (pun intended) of reality with whoever reads this blog, because if I ever hear about one of you doing an interview in which you imply that non-White folks would rather sing and dance their way to riches and power, I will personally come for you. And it won't be this nice.

OK, nice-Diva will be back in the morning....


writergurl said...

Isn't this very similar to the "Women don't get ahead at work because they are too focused on their children" bullshit that corporate America is intent on spreading? Either way, it's crap.

odocoileus said...

Tell it!

But you know, like Debra Dickerson says, nobody gives up privillege willingly.

Like Monte Ross once said, they are not going to let you into their kitchen and cook.

So you have to have your own kitchen. God bless the child...

In the face of the cultural and economic juggernaut that is Hollywood, it's hard to be satisfied with just doing your own little thing. Other people get to do big things, and keep doing them, even when they flop.

Still, it's worth noting that the real estate for theaters, the talented writers and actors and videographers, the radio stations for ads and promo, are all there waiting. Not easy, but not impossible either.