Sunday, June 18, 2006

Higher and Higher

OK, the best advice I have for you all right now -- do not EVER EVER EVER paint in triple degree heat. I mean, like, seriously. The fumes will overcome you and when you wake from the nap, you will feel really really hungover and scared that some vital brain function has been lost.... Not that I know this from personal experience or nothing.... Anywho, just saying.

I have a location scout for the short film I'm writing for my friend (the other one ended up getting post-poned), so I will be in Redondo Beach today, on the water, suffering for my art. The dog doesn't get to come which makes me feel really guilty, but also a little relieved because he hates the water and is afraid of sand and the sound of the ocean. Throw him in a snow drift and he's the happiest mutt you've ever seen, but one sniff of the Pacific and he's in my lap, shaking, trying to climb onto my shoulder. Not good for his pedicure or my hair.

For homework I'm sending you all over to FindLaw's article about agents and managers. It's a great little piece that's geared more for musicians than filmmakers, but we'll talk about the differences, too. If you've never been there, FindLaw is also a great site for legal opinions, to research laws, and occasionally you can find specific case information (for those of you spec'ing legal/police type stuff it's a gold mine).

Another great place to visit is the ATA website. If you are approached about representation then you can research there. All the reputable firms are members. Also, the state of California requires all agents to be licensed and you can verify that an agency is here.

Now, close your internet browser and get back to work.

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