Thursday, June 15, 2006


The agent posts will start tomorrow. This is my big year to finish things, so in that spirit, last night I finished an outline I've been working on since March, finished the rewriting of my short (I'm going to start reading it in like 10 minutes, so I may be back...), and wrote 5 pages in a feature I've been meaning to finish since last summer. It's on and popping over here in FilmDivaLand....

Anyway, Chris, in answer to your question: I will cover the when to sign issue but probably not until next Tuesday. In the meantime, If you have more than 2-3 samples and haven't sent them out yet, you are overprepared.

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Chris said...

Thanks. In the midst of my second spec while I wait to see the response that my first gets in the Nicholl competition. So right where I should be for my first year of doing this for real I suppose.