Thursday, August 10, 2006

Flapjacks and Links

I'm working on my script. That's about all I can say for myself. After my weekend high, I've been hunting and pecking out the second act about one scene per day (which means I've written 6 pages since Monday!). I had planned to post a little bit every day while I work on the longer post, but got distracted..... Soooo, thank god for Will Dixon over at Uninflected! (Yay, Will!) He wrote an excellent post the other day about writing and posted some excerpts from Stephen King's book (which I haven't read, but the excerpts were great so now it's on my b&n shopping cart).

There's an interesting discussion (started by Jutratest) about becoming obsessed with how-to books which I'd like to pick up here. I'm one of those big nerds who reads tons of those how-to books, marks up the margins and underlines and highlights my way through, looks up related terms, then types up those notes and files them away to be compared with one another at a later date.

Of course, I only sleep 5 hours a night, so I've got to keep myself busy somehow.... ;-)

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writergurl said...

You mean you're doing something besides "assembling something"?