Friday, August 11, 2006

I Must Be Crazy

Taking a little break from my script to scribble a few lines for you guys. I know you miss me.


About a year ago, I convinced my novel writing group to go on a writing retreat. I'd been freelancing my ass off, had just moved back to Los Angeles after an extended absence and wasn't getting any pages written on any of my projects. The week before I was trying to decide what I would work on during the retreat. Then, I had this dream about a pair of siblings at their father's funeral. The image that stuck with me when I woke up was of the younger sister crouched beside the grave dropping in worms instead of dirt and saying, “God bless you, old man. You worthless bastard. I hope they eat your eyes first.” Since then I've been plugging away at it in 25 page chunks. And let me tell you, 25 pages of a book is a hell of a lot more writing than screenplay pages.

I'm not saying the book is fabulous or anything, I try not to re-read it too often cuz I alternately hate it and then love it and then hate it again, but it will be finished by December. Just in time for me to start the second draft! I love how this whole writing thing works.... Anyway, I just received pages from another woman in my group on her 5th draft of the book she's writing (5th!!!) and that old green monster is rearing her head. Not to mention the fact that I set a deadline to submit the next 75 pages of the book in October, and I've only written 30 of them.... Why do I do this to myself???

Blech. I decided that 2006 was a volume year. Finish as many projects as possible, no excuses. So, back to the salt mines. The manager post is almost finished, so I'm going to start cutting it down then I'll post it in parts. Right now, I'm headed off to find to drown my sorrows in some frozen yogurt.

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wcdixon said...

Man, your plate is full. Love to hear more of the novel progress...I really can't imagine such an undertaking. Scripts seem easy in comparison.